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Hvem Er jeg?

Dagdrømmer, multitasker og positiv er vel det som beskriver meg best. Jeg elsker å la tankene fly å komme opp med nye idéer, og det blir en drøm å sette det til livs. Helt siden jeg var en liten jente har det vært stas å sitte ved symaskinen, skape noe, og bruke den kreative siden ved meg. De siste 10 årene har drømmen om å drive noe eget blitt sterkere, og jeg lanserer nå showroom og nettbutikk i min “ånd”.

Min forkjærlighet til gamle og spesielle ting tror jeg selv går tilbake til min barndom som preges av en fantastisk oppvekst hvor mine i dag avdøde besteforeldre har stått sentralt. De var alltid entusiastiske for å se alle “skattene” vi barna kom med, selv om det til tider bare var en liten sten eller en pinne. Og det er her jeg kommer til poenget… det å kunne se det vakre i det enkle.
Need I say more?

Hos meg får du nøye utvalgte varer fra hele verden, moderne design, møbler og interiør, men også mye av de tingene som “treffer” meg, nettopp vintage klassikere og antikviteter. Jeg håper at det også kan inspirere deg.

Mange har fritidsboliger i dag, gjerne ved sjøen eller på fjellet, og her ønsker man kanskje et annet miljø enn hva man har hjemme? Det er i alle fall slik for mange. Her ønsker man kanskje å sette den riktige stemningen på stuen eller kanskje et soverom, hvor da et stort, gammelt skap eller en 150 år gammel himmelseng kan være akkurat det som setter prikken over i`en.

  • Cappelen Dimyr no.06

    0 out of 5

    Et statement gulv/veggteppe fra svenske Cappelen Dimyr.


    Hand knotted in New Zeeland wool

    Material: Wool

    Warp: Cotton

    Color: Natural

    Pile height: approx 15 mm

    Mål: 85×120 cm // 120×180 cm

    Siden teppet er håndlaga vil det være små variasjoner i farge og detaljer.



    kr 9.400,00kr 15.500,00
  • Cappelen Dimyr no.05

    0 out of 5

    Et statement gulvteppe fra svenske Cappelen Dimyr.

    Siden teppet er håndlaga vil det være små variasjoner i farge og detaljer.


    Material: 85% New Zeeland ull, 15% bomull


    230 x 280 cm
    290 x 350 cm




    kr 17.600,00kr 24.000,00
  • The Nordic Cook Book

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    The Nordic Cookbook offers an unprecedented look at the rich culinary offerings of the Nordic region with 700 recipes collected by the acclaimed Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson featured in the Emmy-Award winning US PBS series The Mind of a Chef and the Netflix docuseries Chef’s Table.

    The Nordic Cookbook, richly illustrated with the personal photography of internationally acclaimed chef Magnus Nilsson, unravels the mysteries of Nordic ingredients and introduces the region’s culinary history and cooking techniques.

    Included in this beautiful book are more than 700 authentic recipes Magnus collected while travelling extensively throughout the Nordic countries – Denmark, the Faroe Islands, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – enhanced by atmospheric photographs of its landscapes and people. His beautiful photographs feature in the book alongside images of the finished dishes by Erik Olsson, the photographer behind Fäviken.

    With Magnus as a guide, everyone can prepare classic Nordic dishes and also explore new ones.The Nordic Cookbook introduces readers to the familiar (gravlax, meatballs and lingonberry jam) and the lesser-known aspects of Nordic cuisine (rose-hip soup, pork roasted with prunes, and juniper beer).

    Organized by food type, The Nordic Cookbookcovers every type of Nordic dish including meat, fish, vegetables, breads, pastries and desserts. These recipes are achievable for home cooks of all abilities and are accompanied by narrative texts on Nordic culinary history, ingredients and techniques including smoking and home preserving. Additional essays explore classic dishes made for special occasions and key seasonal events, such as the Midsummer feast.

    The Nordic Cookbook joins Phaidon’s national cuisine series, which includes Mexico, India, Thailand, Peru and others, and is the most comprehensive source on home cooking from the Nordic countries.

    kr 599,00
  • Vietnamese Cuisine – From Elizabeth Street Cafe

    0 out of 5

    Vietnamese Cuisine

    From Elizabeth Street Cafe


    French-inspired Vietnamese cooking from the cultural hub of Austin, Texas – recommended by everyone from locals to Bon Appetit to The New York Times to goop.

    “A Vietnamese café plus French bakery, Elizabeth Street Café combines the best of two worlds.” —goop

    Elizabeth Street Café – a celebrated eatery with a devoted following – features French-inspired Vietnamese cooking. Chefs Tom Moorman and Larry McGuire share 100 recipes of beautiful and delicious Vietnamese fare and French baked goods – from Spicy Breakfast Fried Rice and Eggs to Green Jungle Curry Noodles, and Palm Sugar Ice Cream to Toasted Coconut Cream Puffs. The café is always bustling, day and night, inside and outdoors, and it is one of the most photographed restaurants in Austin, Texas.

    kr 499,00
  • Collective Intuition – Snøhetta

    0 out of 5

    Collective Intuition



    The first in-depth monograph on one of the most important contemporary architecture practices working today

    With offices in Oslo, Innsbruck, San Francisco, and New York, and projects all over the world, Snøhetta’s architecture, landscape, interior, and branding design projects are created across political boundaries, at all scales, and are fundamentally concerned with the unique interactions between people and places.

    Through stunning imagery and evocative narrative text, this book showcases 24 exceptional projects – including the 9/11 Memorial & Museum Pavilion and the Oslo Opera House – which, together, illustrate Snøhetta’s boundary-pushing and highly collaborative approach to design.

    The book is organized into three chapters: Integration of Disciplines, Political Space, and Generosity and Collective Ownership. The books is the perfect expression of the firm’s values and how it has evolved over its 30-year history. Conversations with Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Gaute Brochmann lend depth and focus. An illustrated chronology and detailed architectural drawings provide deeper insight.

    kr 599,00
  • Perfect Imperfect

    0 out of 5

    Perfect Imperfect

    The beauty of accident, age & patina



    An interior design book that embodies a philosophy of thoughtfulness and creativity in living.

    Perfect Imperfect takes as its founding principle the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi, advocating the beauty to be found in imperfection, impermanence and the authentic. Importantly, this is done without losing sight of the benefits of living in the 21st century, where designers are merging digital technology with the handmade to produce items that combine the best of both worlds.

    This inspirational book, with thought-provoking text by Karen McCartney and stunning visuals by Sharyn Cairns and Glen Proebstel, is a celebration of accident, curation, collection, hesitation, collaboration, reuse, reimagining and true originality.

    Perfect Imperfect explores an established aesthetic in a new way, as illustrated by the homes and studios of international and Australian creatives. It embraces current design objects alongside well-worn ones, and features interior settings that mix comfort, design and an offbeat beauty

    kr 499,00
  • The Kinfolk Garden

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    The Kinfolk Garden

    How to live with nature

    Featuring 30 inspiring people and places around the globe, The Kinfolk Garden offers an easy approach to bringing nature into your life. Following on from The Kinfolk TableHome and Entrepreneur, the latest book from the team behind Kinfolk magazine focusses on beautiful spaces that bring the outdoors in and the indoors out. Divided into chapters on Care, Creativity and Community, the book explores the garden as a place for work, play, entertaining, and inspiration. Explore lush gardens and plant-filled homes, meet the inspiring people who coax them into bloom and learn from the experts about everything from arranging to eating plants and flowers.

    kr 499,00
  • Northern Comfort – The Nordic Art of Creative Living

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    The Nordic Art of Life has become a role model for meaningful creative life around the globe. Scandinavian design and creativity are synonymous with cozy homes and architecture that combine style with tradition, indoors with outdoors, natural materials with rich colors, and playfulness with clarity. The Nordic countries are famous for their designers and entrepreneurs, who combine diligent preparation with bold execution in all fields of contemporary creativity, like design, architecture, fashion, and food.
    Northern Comfort – The Nordic Art of Creative Living brings together the people, endeavors, and ideas that best embody this way of life, focusing on interior design while also venturing into the outdoors, the kitchen, and the atelier. It presents a kaleidoscope of northern talent that is both admirable and inspiring. Get comfortable and follow us on this journey up north.

    kr 599,00
  • Small Homes Grand Living

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    Small Homes, Grand Living’s assortment of projects and homes pays homage to the iconic innovation within modest living areas and shows the creative usage of space in continually expanding urban areas.  As more people across the globe move into cities, living space becomes a precious commodity. Designers, architects, and innovative inhabitants seek new ways of creating a home that is just as comfortable as it is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Where does one stow clothing, bicycles, suitcases, or bed linens? Where is the perfect place for the desk, bed, or couch? How does one use less square meters more effectively?

    Compact flats perched atop the roofs on high-rise buildings. A one-bedroom apartment that houses a family of four. Stairs that cleverly transform into wardrobes. A collection of cozy cocoons shows the personality and innovation of those living inside: a home is both shelter and a welcoming reflection of the residents. Small Homes, Grand Living offers real interior design solutions directly from the occupants’ imaginations.

    kr 499,00
  • Forever – the new tattoo

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    Tattoos now have mass appeal, but beyond the mainstream, a new tattoo underground has developed. It is as innovative, diverse, inspiring, and controversial as the motifs it creates. Forever is a stunning documentation of this dynamic current scene.

    Forever showcases key tattoo innovators and a broad range of fresh styles. The book explores how today’s tattoo culture is strongly influenced by art, fashion, and contemporary visual culture as well as traditional tattoo art—often in surprising ways.

    kr 599,00
  • The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Markets

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    Revealing Monocle’s 100 favorite shops worldwide, from the independent fashion boutique to the department store that takes up a city block, this is a new practical guide complete with case studies, a collection of sharp essays, snappy interviews, contacts and tips – a toolbox for the retail-minded and those with their own shop in prospect. The Monocle Guide to Shops, Kiosks and Marketsis a handbook for the shopper and any aspiring shopkeeper, stocking a wealth of insight and inspiration. Now, may we show you around?

    Monocle was launched by Tyler Brûlé in 2007 as a monthly magazine briefing on global affairs, business, culture, design, and much more. Today, Monocle is a complete, media brand with a suite of travel guides under its belt, a 24-hour radio station, a film-rich website, retail ventures around the globe, and cafés in Tokyo and London. Besides their London HQ they have seven international bureaux in New York, Toronto, Istanbul, Singapore, Tokyo, Zurich, and Hong Kong. At their core is the simple belief that there will always be a place for a print brand that is committed to telling fresh stories and sending photographers on assignments.

    kr 549,00
  • The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes

    0 out of 5




    This Monocle book tells us how to turn a house into a home. Both a practical guide and a great source of inspiration, The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes presents the interiors, furniture, and locations you need to know about along with portraits of the people who can make it happen.

    The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes celebrates the durable and the meaningful through a collection of homes that tell a story. Most architecture and interior books show houses polished to perfection, manicured to the extent that it is hard to imagine anybody actually lives there: they seem to miss the point that homes are meant to be inhabited. They should be able to take scuffs and knocks and to be part of a community, whether in a Chicago skyscraper or on Australia’s sunshine coast.

    kr 499,00