The Monocle Guide to Better Living Gestalten

The Monocle Guide to Better Living Gestalten

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  • Monocle is one of the most successful magazines to be developed in the past decade. Armed with an unmistakable sense of aesthetics and journalistic tenacity, its team—led by editor in chief Tyler Brûlé—has created an intelligent publication that continually inspires a global readership who are interested in everything from diplomacy to design. For its first-ever book, the editorial team looks at one of their core themes: how to live well.


    The result is The Monocle Guide to Better Living, an original, informative, and entertaining collection of writing, reports, and recommendations. This is not a book about glitz but rather an upbeat survey of products and ideas meant to be treasured and last.


    By: Monocle

    Release Date: September 2013

    Format: 20 x 26.5 cm

    Features: 408 pages, full color, linen hardcover

    Language: English


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