&tradition Flowerpot VP2 matte black

&tradition Flowerpot VP2 matte black

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The Flower Power movement was all about peace, love and harmony, driven by a generation who questioned rigid values in favour of personal freedom. Amidst missions to the moon and alternative lifestyles emerged a fascination with the future. Verner Panton captured the spirit of this era with his Flowerpot lamps. Two semi-circular spheres facing each other became the signature style for a series of lamps that went on to decorate private homes, interiors and exhibitions around the world. In a variety of psychedelic colours, patterns and combinations that became emblematic of the Flower Power movement. Panton was a pioneer in his avant-garde approach to geometric designs, vivid colours and immersive interiors. We’re pleased to keep his legacy alive with lamps that honour his vision of the future – in the present.

Materials Lacquered aluminium with 3 meter fabric cord.
Dimensions (cm/in) Ø: 50cm/19.7in, H: 36cm/14.2in

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