&Tradition In Between SK6 clear lacquered oak 250cm

&Tradition In Between SK6 clear lacquered oak 250cm

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In Between SK6

by Sami Kallio

In a desire to design a table that blends into a space without taking up much space, Sami Kallio created the In Between Table. A partner to his In Between Chair, the legs of the table echo the same angle as the front legs of the chair. At the same time, the table’s slim silhouette and absence of ornamentation make it an ideal match for any chair – in any setting.

The In Between Table is a mix of traditional wood craftsmanship, involving compression moulding and woodturning, together with innovative veneer techniques. As such, it is an homage to Kallio’s Nordic heritage and training in woodmaking, as well as his modern, Scandinavian sense of simplicity.

As part of his “Between Gaps” series, Kallio set out to explore the correlation between an object and its surrounds. Exploring the interplay between positive and negative space. “My concept started from the outside inwards,” explains Kallio. “The table has no negative spaces, but it can be paired with any chair, in any timeframe in any space.”

“Kallio’s In Between Table is a stunning example of impeccable hand craftsmanship with natural materials, which we are proud to reflect in our stable of products,” says &tradition Brand Manager Martin Kornbek Hansen. “Kallio’s blending of both classic and contemporary techniques is something we truly value at &tradition. Along with his uncanny ability to design an object so simple, it exudes beauty.”

Materials Oak & oak veneer
Dimensions (cm/in) D: 250cm / 98.4in, W: 100cm / 39.4in, H: 74cm / 29in
Colours Clear lacquered oak, Smoked stained oak, Black stained oak.
Technical specs The In Between table is tested for strength, durability and safety according to EN 15373 Level 2 – General contract use.
Weight (kg) 55.00kg
Production The table top is made from a high quality MDF board with oak veneer on the top and edges. The legs are made of solid wood involving a woodturning technique using a lathe to create the conical shape. Wood blocks are used to attach the legs to the table to make it morestable when mounted
Environment Indoor
Product type Dining tables

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