VILLAGE kjøkkenhåndkle sort lin

kr 189,00

Linen is a natural fiber and a living material. The texture of the fabric changes over the years, and if the product is treated right it will become even more beautiful. The Linen fibre is very durable and has high tensile strength.

Extended care instructions:

Linen shrinks about 4-7% in the first wash and gets a tighter structure. Our advice below is for the washing of articles in 100% linen.

Do not wash the linen with strong detergents as this can result in weakening of the fabric’s shine and strength.

You can machine wash our linen products at 40 degrees C. Let the fabric hang dry to keep the fibers intact.

You can iron the lilen product. A tip is to dampen the fabric evenly with water and let the moisture draw into the fabric. Then iron the fabric with linen temperature, it is usually the highest heat of the iron.

Size: 50X70 cm

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