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Massimo Copenhagen

Earth Bamboo cashmere 170x240

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Soft textures, durability and pure nature

Earth Bamboo combines the softest, most lustrous surface with robustness and durability, making sure that the carpet works perfectly in almost any interior. massimo achieves this by blending soft bamboo fibre with New Zealand wool of the highest quality.

Bamboo grows at lightning speed and requires no fertiliser, while the fibres are extracted and processed mechanically – not chemically. This means that they have a minimal impact on the environment. The result is a yarn with an extraordinary softness and sheen.

massimo mixes equal parts wool and bamboo fibres, creating a finished rug with an exceptional level of sturdiness, protecting the rug against wear and tear and pressure marks.

Earth Bamboo can be supplied as a wall-to-wall carpet or to order



50% New Zealand wool/50% Bamboo

Available sizes (also custom sizes upon request, contact the store)

140 x 200 cm

170 x 240 cm

200 x 300 cm

250 x 300 cm


Professional cleaning is recommended. Never clean with chemicals!

Daily cleaning: Use the vacuum cleaner without brush – frequently when the carpet is new as it will produce shed fluff for a period of time. Vacuum in the direction of the pile. It is a good idea to turn the rug around twice a year to avoid uneven wear and to place e.g. felt under the feet of heavy furniture standing on the rug.

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